The seat cover produced by Nisa for Moto Morini Corsarino Sport Z is identical to the original

The charm and prestige of certain motorcycles do not go through the years, in some cases they increase with the passage of time.

This is the case of the Moto Morini, bikes that have left their mark on the young people of the time and who now present their duly restored and polished charm.

The Corsarino Sport Z was released in the early 60s, almost at the same time as the Corsarino V but did not have the same luck. The Sport Z was captivating, reliable and aesthetically very pleasant. Perhaps I also deserve his beautiful long and two-colored saddle?

Nisa has been manufacturing saddles for Moto Morini since the 1960s. The two-seat seat cover for the Morini Corsarino Sport Z is produced today as it was then.

In those years the saddles were made of a robust 5 mm thick iron frame. A dense network of springs held centrally by a serpentine spring or commonly called “Greek”.
To help support the weight of passengers, two tapered springs were used centrally to cushion the roughness of the ground.
In those days the streets were not like today’s (at least not everywhere)! Many holes and dirt roads had to be faced by motorcyclists from all over the world. So this type of saddle allowed to improve the comfort and “spring” away in comfort.

The seat cover is in black and red, water repellent and weather resistant. On the back side has the metal plate, like the original.

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