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Nisa lavora da oltre cinquant’anni con l’obiettivo di soddisfare pienamente le richieste del cliente e ottenere sempre il massimo risultato in termini di confort qualità ed eleganza


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In the legendary ’80s Nisa has depopulated with the historic Camel saddle.
A characteristic of those years was the appearance on the market of off-market accessories, new pieces to customize their bikes and the Camel saddle, like the Yankee, became a ‘must’ for many young people of the time.
For some years Nisa has purchased the concession of the Giuliari brand and has also put into production the Yankee saddle.
The Camel saddle was produced both for the Vespa models and for different scooters, such as the Piaggio Ciao.
The appreciation of the public, at the time but also today, is perhaps due to its unmistakable design or the comfort of this article. The saddle has two ‘separate’ seats, in a vaguely Custom style, it is a bit narrower than the usual saddles but with a comfortable seat that makes it suitable for long journeys.
The padding is in high density polyurethane foam, for maximum comfort. The saddle bottom instead is in sturdy black painted sheet.
The seat cover is definitely unmistakable, with the characteristic ‘square’ screenprint on the back and side and the writing Camel on the side (black on white or white on black).
Produced in Italy with top quality Italian materials.

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