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MOTOM 48 – Open seatcover

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For Motom 48 we propose the single-seater seat cover with open nose.

Beautiful and sturdy, made of black 4mm rubber like the one used in the original models. The rubber is covered in black leatherette, water-repellent and weather-resistant. On both sides has the 3 characteristic steel studs.

Also available in the closed version with “nose” (art. 2351)

The historic Motom was founded in 1947, immediately after the war by the entrepreneur Ernesto Frua De Angeli. The first model, the Motomic, was presented in 1947 at the Geneva Motor Show. The name came from the fusion of the words “motorcycle” and “atomic”. The Motomic had a four-stroke 48 cm³ engine. The feature that made it special and different from all similar products was the monocoque frame, consisting of two pressed sheet metal shells welded together. Unfortunately, the company has a short history and closes in 1970.

Our products are produced at our headquarters in Forlì. We choose and use only the best Italian materials.

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