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Nisa&Plc Lambretta saddle
The line of articles created by the collaboration between Nisa and Plc Corse is further expanded. Given the success of the articles created for Vespa, we decided to turn our attention to the equally legendary Lambretta.

This saddle recalls the one mounted by  Lambretta in the 1960s. We kept the line with a rounded bottom that follows the curvature of the frame and the rear part with a hint of backrest at the beginning of the seat.

The materials, on the other hand, have been revisited. The combination of two different types of leatherette, a matt/suede effect on the seat with heat-sealed mouldings and a more technical and modern effect on the sides and back, gives the saddle an original and innovative look. The grey border, a characteristic feature of our new line, is also present here.

The innovative part, however, is a detail that may not be noticed at first sight. Our saddle does not close either with a lock or with a lever.
Often the saddles with lever have the unpleasant disadvantage of ruining or scratching the frame.
The Nisa&Plc saddle closes with a magnet. Under the body we have installed a super magnet that allows a secure fixing of the saddle to the frame, without damaging anything.
In addition, this type of closure, has the advantage of reducing the gap between the seat and the frame of the Lambretta, greatly improving the aesthetics.

The body is made of fiberglass, a lightweight material, solid and very resistant to fatigue and corrosion.
All metal parts are made of stainless steel so they do not oxidise, fear humidity or rust.

The saddle is supplied complete with front attachment and fastening items (frame and plate protection film).
Suitable for: Lambretta 125 LI/Special/GP/DL/150 LI/Special/SX/GP/175 TV/200 TV/SX/GP/DL

This article is produced in Italy, in our headquarters in Forlì. We choose and use only the best materials to ensure quality and reliability.

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