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Seat and seat cover for Jubilee 98/124, beautiful and reliable items.

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the Gilera brand, the Jubilee 98 cc model was presented in 1959.
The price of the first model is £ 140,000, more affordable compared to larger displacement bikes like the Gilera 175 Sport sold at £ 224,000, but with sporting qualities that are proven by numerous victories, first of all the prestigious triumph at the “Six Days International “Of 1960. In addition to the success in competitions, the Jubilee in its various versions (Extra, Rossa, Sport, Six Days) also conquers a record in sales: Gilera produces almost 60,000 pieces.
Nisa produces a saddle version for the Jubilee 98/124 with a spring-loaded bottom, a rubber seat cover covered with high-quality leatherette and a 2 cm padding.
The seat cover is available in three versions: red / blue, red / black and all black. Seat cover cod. 2251
Made in Italy with 100% Italian materials.

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