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Soft wedge, available in different sizes, for psychomotor activities and furniture schools, gyms and bedrooms.

Psychomotricity is an activity based on spontaneous and moving play. It contributes to the growth of the child’s personal balance and to the harmonisation of his different areas of development. In psychomotor practice, the use of poorly structured materials is fundamental, such as simple shapes of different sizes and colours, which can be transformed and transformed from time to time.

The soft wedge is suitable for both the furnishing of schools and gyms, and for the bedroom. By combining different shapes and colours, small (but also big!) people can invent and create new dynamics. Children love large, bulky shapes, but unfortunately the word ‘big’ is often synonymous with heavy and dangerous shapes… With our soft shapes, however, they can play freely and even lift them without danger!

The articles are composed of a single block preformed interior in polyurethane foam of density 25 kg./ mc.
The cover is made of soft, washable ecoleather, certified as anti-mold and antibacterial.
Each shape is removable by a practical and safe Velcro closure to prevent accident to disappear. There is no risk of injury from the hinge slider, because the hinge is not there!

Both the padding and the covering are fireproof in class 1.

The wedge shape is available in sizes:
100x100x20 cm
100x100x40 cm
60x60x30 cm

Other dimensions are produced on request.

All shapes are available in the following colours: red, yellow, green, blue.

We are also available to make custom shapes, contact us without obligation for a free quote!

Delivery time 10/15 days

All items are manufactured in our factory in Forlì (Italy).
We select and use only the best Italian materials to guarantee our products quality and reliability.

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